More Money & Math!

In 5/6 we love learning about money, especially because of all the connections we can make using real-life scenarios to engage our students with our curriculum.

Through the process of creating these canteen lunch order forms, we not only learned important terminology related to money, but we also practiced decimal addition to calculating our total and decimal subtraction to work out our change from the tendered amount.

We have further integrated our learning by assuring all our craft and STEM project supplies have a price tag to support further development of financial literacy.

For further information on how to set your STEM bin up, click here!

Art in Mathematics – Angles

Art & Mathematics may at first appear to be very different things.
Often, our 5/6 students prefer one over the other.

To help our students find the Mathematics in Art and the Art in Mathematics they were given the task of creating a piece of artwork that included a triangle, parallel lines, obtuse and acute angles.
In the future, I look forward to doing this activity again and then having students calculate the area of their triangles & other shapes.

This can be differentiated in so many ways and double up as a diagnostic task in many measurement & geometry concepts!