HASS Inquiry & Biological Sciences

Our class has been learning about endangered animals and the global issues that are threatening the survival of these species.

As critical and creative problem solvers we participated in a HASS inquiry research project (linked to our understandings of adaptations in biological science & creating non-fictional texts in literacy) to identify the threats impacting the Polar Bear, Spider Monkey, Sloth, Black Rhino and Amur Tiger.

Once the threats impacting these animals were identified we were able to participate in the engineering process to design and build an invention to save the endangered species.

For example, in order to support the devasting impact of global warming threatening our Polar Bears environment, our students invented an underwater air-conditioner – ‘The Ice Breaker 3000,’ that would keep the ice caps from melting, how creative is that!

Other brilliant ideas included sanctuaries that were protected by new laws and patrolled by rangers to protect our Sloths and Spider-monkeys from poachers and illegal logging threatening their environments.

Our class favourite, however, was an irrigation system called, ‘The Soil Soaker,’ designed to support the devastating threat of deforestation impacting the Amur Tigers. This irrigation system was designed to rejuvenate the soil and plant trees in areas requiring rehabilitation.



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