5/6 Geomtricity STEM Art Project – Angles & Line Focus

The 5/6 class have become city engineers! They were challenged to design a new city with street names and locations of buildings, parks, and landscaping requirements. To get approval from the city leaders their proposal had to be creative, colourful, and show accurately drawn lines and angles.

The students were required to include at least 6 parallel streets, streets that intersected to form an obtuse angle, a church on an acute angle, a shopping center on a right-angle corner, a police and fire department across from each other on a parallel street, an ice cream shop and library across from each other at an intersection and at least 12 residential houses for people to live in.

Not only did this fun project engage students whole-heartedly, it helped them further hone in on developing STEM skills in problem-solving, critical and creative thinking.

Furthermore, the open-ended nature of this task allows for various opportunities for creative assessment and differentiation -making this a task I plan to use again!

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