Biology in 5/6

In biology our class recently learnt how living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment. The students were given the task to scan the QR codes provided in the RIC Publications Science: A STEM Approach Resource*

I adapted this lesson slightly by placing the QR codes onto a Y-chart for the students to research within their groups. Once the students worked together to compare and highlight the similarities and differences between three plants or animals  (for example the Australian desert tree frog, Rainforest tree frog, and Alaskan tree frog) they then participated in a gallery walk to view each group work, to describe further similarities/differences in their findings.

Finally, students participated in a whole-class discussion regarding the definition of both structural features of adaptation and behavioral features of adaptation.

As a class, we classified behavioural and structural adaptations and cemented an understanding of each.

*alternatively, you could allow students to research images of plants & animals you would like the students to learn more about or create your own QR codes for these by clicking here.

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