Fraction Basketball – Class Tournament

It’s no secret that our students in OAPRCS love basketball & any opportunity to tye it in with their learning really engages them.

I gave my students the simple & exciting task of playing Fraction Basketball. 

Students paired up & using scrunched up pieces of paper, plastic cups and masking tape as the free throw line, were given a series of attempts to ‘score’ against their opponent (partners).

They were then given the task of analyzing & comparing their results by adding fractions of like denominators. This was an important part of the lesson where the students communicated their understandings with each other, I overheard many of them discussing their overall score, best round & worst rounds using percentages & decimals. These concepts were recently taught through statistics & probability.

Students then analyzed their data and shaded the fractional model to represent their score. When they were asked to draw their own table to represent their fractional amounts out of 20,  my students had the opportunity to really apply their understanding of fractional numbers being equal parts of a whole. Students were explicitly taught to measure & divide this in order to make an accurate representation.

Please note- My freebies page is coming soon & will have an attached resource for fraction basketball handout. 

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, my class participated in a fun & competitive ‘Fraction Basketball Shootout Tournament’ on our school basketball courts. This was a knock-out competition at the end of each round, results were discussed and analyzed. Questions such as, “What was the fraction of shots scored for your team? What was the fraction difference between the competing teams? And how many baskets did they win by?” were continually asked.

In addition, we were even able to link some scientific inquiry skills by asking the students to hypothesis/predict the class winner, using their analysis of the tournament data so far.

Click here, to access a fantastic, easy to use & free online ‘mapping’ resource at, that helped us keep track of our tournament data.