Fraction Party!

To finish our unit on fractions (and as an important segway into financial mathematics) I gave the students the STEM investigation to plan a fraction party! The students then presented their ‘party plans’ to convince their classmates why they should come to their party & what will be shared through out the day in a¬† PowerPoint presentation (I look forward to using these for our end of term class party/Open Day with our parents).

The students used everyday shopping catalogs (both physical and online resources) from whole food stores such as Coles & Woolworths, to further extended their understanding of how fractions are part of their daily lives, especially when we are hosting a party and have to purchase enough food items to be shared equally!

The challenge for the students was that they had to plan their party for a group of people. They were asked to include any food as long as it could be divided easily into equal parts. They were required to have at least 4 large food items like pizza, that could be cut into equal portions and 3 small food items like party pies that can be shared in equal numbers.

Students drew or cut & pasted pictures to show the food they would serve and how you would share it before creating their PowerPoint presentations to share with the class.