How I Setup My STEM Bin

There are so many creative ways you can set up STEM supplies in your classroom. I recently saw someone put a price tag on all their STEM bin supplies and even a charge by the minute on tools/items like scissors -What a BRILLIANT idea for developing financial literacy through critical and creative thinking!

This is just one way I chose to introduce STEM bins into my classroom…

I have a pink bin (pictured above) full of the following consumables along with a ‘not so pretty’ blue bin (not pictured above) overflowing with recyclable items/materials such as styrofoam, jars, egg cartons & boxes… LOTS of boxes!

The students have been explicitly taught & are becoming well-versed in completing ‘proposals’ that require approval from the teacher to explain what materials they would like to use from the pink bins.

Heres a resource list of consumable items you might like to think about including when purchasing your STEM supplies:

  • metal coat hangers
  • pipe cleaners
  • candles (thick & thin)
  • paper plates
  • plastic plates
  • wooden chopsticks
  • coloured streamers
  • straws
  • balloons
  • fishing line
  • plastic spoons
  • modelling clay
  • marbles
  • plastic cups
  • paper cups
  • batteries
  • magnets
  • paper tubes
  • paddle pop sticks
  • toothpicks
  • gift ribbon
  • masking tape
  • sticky tape
  • bubble wrap
  • rubber bands